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Mowing can be a daunting and incredibly hot task in the Texas heat! Let RLL take care of your mowing needs and sit back and enjoy the smell of a freshly mowed lawn that you didn’t have to do! RLL can take care of all your mowing needs, small, medium,  or large properties.


Knowing when and what type of fertilizer to use can be confusing. Allow RLL to help you formulate and carry out a year round plan for fertilization. Keeping a yard green in Texas is not just about throwing water on it, it’s about taking care of the nutrient needs your particular lawn requires. And the healthier your lawn is, the fewer weeds you will encounter!


Weed eating is key in helping keep your lawn looking trim and clean. This service is included in our routine maintenance plan.


Landscaping your yard allows you to put your stamp of ownership, eye for beauty, and pride into your lawn. RLL, along with our industry partners can take care of all of your landscaping needs, including design, installation and irrigation.


The ultimate “kept” yard maintains nice edges between the grass and sidewalks, driveways, curbs, or distinct separation from flower beds. As part of our full service plan, RLL will ensure your lawn edges are beautiful to help set your lawn apart.


A trimmed and well-kept lawn can be overshadowed by overgrown hedges. With the full-service package, RLL will maintain your hedges at an agreed upon frequency to keep all of your landscaping looking tidy and well-maintained.


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